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Air Conditioning Maintenance

This air conditioning maintenance topic is a huge problem for the residential air conditioning market as a whole currenty (2017–2018). Part of this is my perception based on my own experience. You see my air conditioning and heating company is in a unique position because I am a one man operation, I run all the calls I receive and perform all the work as well. I am a licensed HVAC contractor, not a technician working under a licensed contractor. So that is a difference you need to understand. In addition to that as of 2018, I have 23 years hands on experience in HVAC service, HVAC repair and new HVAC installations.

 Air conditioner maintenance requirements vary depending on age, installation methods, use of equipment and so on. When viewing this page keep in mind I am merely being honest in what I say here. It isn’t to beat you up, scare you or try to force you to do something you would rather not do. I am presenting this information to you so that you can make an honest informed decision as to who you choose to use for your home comfort needs. Now more than ever and even into the future you will need a SKILLED air conditioning repairman.

Below this text is an air conditioning maintenance animation graphic that shows why air conditioning maintenance is so important. Air Conditioning Maintenance Katy Texas

The single biggest challenge to me is finding new customers. Air conditioners when maintained properly can last a long time with far less break downs. Many times when new customers find my air conditioning company, find me when their air conditioning system is suffering from serious problems as shown in the maintenance animation graphic posted above.

The other problem is the perception that HVAC maintenance service doesn’t do anything more than increase your costs for little or nothing in the way of service received. Many HVAC companies focus on low priced maintenance services that promise a lot and deliver nothing. These companies use these lower priced services only to sell you things you really don’t need while in many cases neglecting things you really do need. It pits me between a rock and a hard place. How do you honestly tell someone that what they offer is not possible for long term. If it is possible for them, they probably have high turnover within their company, which in my opinion does not do much for you.

Because of the lower priced service the service people they send are often times lower skilled or new to the HVAC industry. What I say here isn’t to knock someone, no one in the HVAC service industry starts at the top. The point in this is merely to show the difference from how my HVAC company is run versus how most other HVAC companies are run.

Knowledge is only as good as your experience. Because the HVAC market is mostly learned thru trial and in many cases error, you may be held captive to repeat problems caused by methods that I have proven thru my own experience not to work. When you choose a company that may employ technicians with as few as 1 year of experience. It is extremely hard to find skilled technicians. This job isn’t easy, requires long seasonal hours, working in extreme temperatures anywhere from 120 to 160 degree attic temperatures.

AC Maintenance Alone Will Not Solve It All

I wish I could tell you that if you maintain your HVAC system that you will never suffer a breakdown. If there is anything I am known for it’s to not get involved in all the gimmicks used to try to sell you something. HVAC design in addition to maintenance related problems can be the deciding factor as to how may breakdowns you may or may not have. All HVAC brands break down, including some as short as a year old.

The good news is, I can help you minimize your HVAC breakdown risk by setting you up on my HVAC Maintenance Plan. There isn’t a HVAC company that I know of that goes to the lengths I go to inform you about such things. From Katy Texas Air Conditioning blog articles to videos on my You Tube channel.

My HVAC maintenance plan for your home builds a service relationship between me and you. This relationship has to be beneficial to me, just as much as it is to you. The longer your service history is with me via the HVAC Maintenance Plan, the more discounts and benefits you receive. As a member of my HVAC maitenance plan it ensures your HVAC system is maintained properly. It’s a set it and forget it type plan. I will call you to remind you it is time to service your HVAC equipment.

So what is my main goal in providing a HVAC Maintenance Plan to you? It’s simply to build a service relationship with you and help minimize preventable break downs. Often times the HVAC breakdowns show signs long before they happen. I will inform you of such problems at the time I find them and repair costs are reduced because you are on the HVAC maintenance plan. Will this HVAC maintenance plan save you from a unplanned breakdown? No, it will not. But it will greatly reduce the chance. You have to realize your HVAC system is tied to the electrical grid and power surges and brown outs can have a huge impact on various electrical parts of your HVAC system. My experience is that when HVAC equipment is properly maintained it will reduce the chances of a breakdown. Is this Maintenance Plan insurance? No, it is a maintenance plan that is a contract that lasts a year. All terms of the HVAC Maintenance contract are spelled out in writing.

I hope you find this HVAC information informative. Thank you for considering Austin Air Companie in Katy, Texas as your HVAC home comfort service provider. My name is Ray Austin, you can call me directly at (832) 475–6895