Does Freon Leak Stop or Freon Leak Sealer Work?

Air Conditioning Refrigerant Leak Sealer

The HVAC industry continues to change and develop new technology. As refrigerants become more and more costly this trend will only continue.

With that said, caution should be heeded. The risk is that whatever you place in your HVAC system will remain there in some form up to and including the line set. (Line sets are typically not replaced when equipment is replaced as many times it is not feasible to do so… in some cases you may have no choice.)

This is why it is important for the professional to visit you in person to go over options you are considering to possibly repair this problem you are having with your HVAC system.

The problem with refrigerant leaks is the volume of refrigerant that the system is leaking. The more the refrigerant leaks, the less likely a leak sealer will work. Due to the nature of this, it’s in your best interest to consider all your options and choose with caution any option that includes the use of leak sealers.

Air Conditioning Refrigerant Leak Experience Required

Not all refrigerant leaks are created equal. Refrigerant leaks in certain areas of the equipment will have to be repaired the regular way. This takes experience to know what will work as opposed to just throwing money away… because if it doesn’t work, all the Freon that was put in is all going to leak out again and you just spent all that money on Freon and a proposed leak sealer for nothing. To make matters worse you never, ever want to add two different leak sealers this will likely contaminate the entire system. It’s not uncommon for people to jump from one HVAC contractor to another… this is dangerous for what should be obvious reasons.

You see my job isn’t just to give you a cheap solution. Many cases leak sealers are just nothing more than a temporary repair. In this realm temporary means 1 year, best case scenario. It could last more than 1 year… but could, should and will are entirely different terms.

I am here to work with you… it may not be in your interest to add a leak sealer to your system. I can only give those options in person for me to be able to see in person what I am dealing with.

R22 Freon Production Ban Coming Soon

Due to the phase out and banning of R22 Freon effective January 1, 2020 these things will only continue and likely get worse. R22 Freon will become so expensive that these schemes and scams will likely proliferate.

There is no drop in for R22 Freon, in the realm of being exactly as good as Freon R22. They can come close, but efficiency is lost as well as rated capacity of the machine the drop in refrigerant is being put into.

If it sounds “TOO GOOD” to be true… it probably is. Avoid hype or promises that are unrealistic, nothing on this planet is perfect. An air conditioning system is a 15 year appliance (national average). Nothing will stop that clock.

Realize I repair and fix air conditioners more than any job in the summer time. But just because you want a repair to avoid cost doesn’t always make it feasible. Any good HVAC contractor would help you make wise financial decisions because that contractor is depending on you for repeat business— in most cases “years” down the road. If your finances are blown due to improper repair the HVAC contractor is in jeopardy as well. A “GOOD” HVAC contracting business is built on doing it right. Fifteen years is a long time to live with a mistake.

My tag line “Done Right” isn’t there on accident.

Make air conditioning repairs carefully. If you’re not sure ask questions. The answers to those questions should help you make the wiser choice. Avoid decisions that are based on cost alone. If the HVAC repair doesn’t fix it, what difference does it make how little or how much you spent?

Thank you for visiting with me today. I hope you’ve learned something from your visit and as always I hope your day is comfortable.

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