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Air Conditioning Repair Katy Texas

Monday, February 27th, 2023

Hello and welcome to the #1 Katy, Texas air conditioning blog. AC repair for the Katy area can come at a moments notice and nearly any month of the year. It’s why I often provide this context for content I put out. It’s important the information you are using to make comfort decisions for you home is accurate for the climate in which you live.

HVAC is the acronym that describes the system that makes up your heating and cooling for your home. In my climate of Katy, Texas we still have heating systems but they don’t get as much use as our air conditioners. Those in more mild climates may not turn on their AC until as late as June. The argument for those climates is waiting until they have a problem in June or July and saying things like: Well your climate is no different it’s hot everywhere right now. The difference is a hotter climate spends more time at higher temps than a mild climate will. Throw in a healthy dose of humidity and you’ve got a recipe for being uncomfortable. Being comfortable is the purpose of this Austin Air Companie website & Air Conditioning Blog serving the Katy, Texas area. No two homes are alike, no two people are alike when it comes to comfort concerns. I am here to provide you a solution once I understand what your concerns are. My definition of a solution is different than most… I define a solution that will solve the problem you have now without creating new problems. This context is what separates me from most other service providers.

The differences in how much more we run our AC’s for Katy, Texas climate also relates to wear and tear. The more you use something the more likely it is to break. Certainly there will be those that may tell you it’s because of the brand of your system. This is merely a con game to convince you that a “name” is going to cure all your troubles so they can sell you a new box with a different name on it. If you spend a few hours watching my video content on my you tube channel or combing thru various blog posts on my HVAC website(s), I think there’s enough info here to tell you that a brand name system — whatever brand it is – is no guarantee that it will or won’t break. I say this primarily to those who come to this climate that aren’t accustomed to spending money on air conditioning concerns. This is additional context to show you where I am coming from and going to. You spend money on AC via a myriad of methods… maintenance & repair costs and eventually replacement costs. Skimping on any one of these winds up costing you more on utilities. So you pay regardless.

I am an AC repair man first. AC repairs in Katy, Texas for just over 29 years now. I’ve been doing air conditioning repairs for longer than some of you have been alive. This isn’t about bragging. This is about printing the truth in a world in which very little is based on truth. It’s usually some gimmick of promising this or that – coming to your house for free to do professional work. Why would a professional do work for free? I’ve seen the ads on TV and I am assuming that you’ve seen them too with this comment. The con or myth if you will is doing things for free to get their foot in the door. Their attitude will do a 180 if not a 360 degree turn once they are inside your house. I’ve been there done that.

Look I know anyone can say whatever they want on the internet so I take the time to write my own blog posts on subjects like this because it’s important to give you some realistic assumptions. I’ve taken the time to produce a video myself. No heavy production costs I filmed it with my cell phone & edited it sitting in front of a green screen in my office that I run out of my home to show you (embedded below). I provide you context with in that video as to what I can do for you may be similar or significantly different depending on the condition of your AC equipment. I have helped hundreds and hundreds of your neighbors, I know I can do something similar for you too.

Tired of being uncomfortable in or near Katy, Texas?

Call Ray Austin right now @ 832~475~6895 and schedule your AC service.

If you decide to watch the video below pay attention why air conditioning is more than just a box or a series of boxes. Just because it turns on  oand off doesn’t mean it is working. There are parts of the video below that show this. This AC system you have is based on science, not magic or brand of the month club.

AC repair video:

AC Repair Katy, Texas A cool story in which I had to travel back in time to be able to tell it.

So why would I talk about differences of climate in a blog post about Katy, Texas?

This is primarily because a lot of people have been moving to Texas over the past couple of years. Many are uneducated when it comes to the air conditioning concerns of a hot climate. The climate of Katy, Texas is unique in that it’s not only hot but it’s also very humid. The more humid a climate, the more problems it presents to feel comfortable, especially when you move here from a more mild climate. Many areas of the USA have essentially a 2 to 3 month cooling or air conditioning need.

I am here to help you make better comfort choices. There are many changes coming to the HVAC equipment market in the next few years. A popular refrigerant we use now is going to be phased down and out in the next few years with a new equipment ban that will likely take effect in 2025. I have a section dedicated to explaining this topic in it’s entirety as well as a recent update in 2023. Click here for info on these changes.

HVAC for a hot climate isn’t about gimmicks if you choose that path it is my professional opinion it won’t last. You will always need a good HVAC contractor if you live in a climate like Katy, Texas. If I fixed your AC once I can fix it again.

Thank you for visiting with me today. I hope I’ve cleared up some misconceptions and possibly a few myths. As always I hope your day is comfortable.

About the Author of this Katy, Texas Air Conditioning Blog:

My name is Ray Austin. I am the owner and operator of Austin Air Companie, a HVAC Service Company serving Katy, Texas | Cypress, Texas | Richmond, Texas | Fulshear, Texas and some surrounding areas. I am a Texas Licensed HVAC Contractor with 29 years experience in Air Conditioning and Heating Systems as of 2023 (TACLB28416E). I hold an AOS degree in HVAC/R, EPA universally certified to handle any refrigerant and NATE certified in HVAC installations and repairs.

I also own and operate a home rental business. This is to list my qualifications. If you want someone with less skill or free advice I am not it (most of the time). If I run a free call it’s because of your service history – my decision, not yours. Time is worth more than money. There are exceptions to every rule. If I have no service history from your address it’s most likely to cost a fee to come out. That service fee can be credited toward any work you decide to have me do for you.

Ray Austin is a business man & Austin Air Companie is run as a for profit business. If you are looking for gimmicks this isn’t going to be a good fit for me or for you. I am a one man show and the work you see in all my videos, the videos themselves are all my own work. My opinion is all you will ever get, usually this comes in the form of options in which you can pick from once I inform you of your potential choices.

My view is an old proverb saying that goes like this:

Too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth. OR Too many knuckle heads attempting a career path they shouldn’t  have can cause more trouble than they’re worth. I was once a hard working tech for a major AC company so this isn’t to suggest there aren’t good HVAC techs out there.

About Austin Air Companie: Celebrating 15 years in 2023. (By this time I’ve proven my methods work.) Is it always perfect? No. Not even the gimmick providers do that. Mechanical equipment regardless of brand breaks for a wide variety of reasons. If I fixed it once I can fix it again. (repeatable business) If it’s not repeatable you’re out of business. — the number you have reached has been disconnected or no longer in service. (I illustrate it for you so you can vision it.)

Thank you for at least considering me as your comfort provider.

2023 R410a & HFC Refrigerants Phase Down, Equipment ban time line & Important Air Conditioning Information Update

Thursday, February 16th, 2023

Hello and welcome to the #1 Katy Texas air conditioning & furnace blog for your home. Hope everyone is well and comfortable as this subject I have for you today may come as a surprise to some.

HVAC and air conditioning subjects in general are typically only explored when you are having a comfort problem in your home. These kinds of comfort appliances (HVAC systems) can last a long time when property cared for  and maintained it’s not uncommon for me to be called to a broken air conditioner that is 10 years or in some cases twice that age. That said it’s also not uncommon for me to be called to a broken one that is only a few years old. HVAC is often times a weird business.

This 2023 HFC refrigerant phase down and AC equipment ban update isn’t to rehash or tell you about why this is happening. So if you are unaware this air conditioning subject began several years ago. HVAC is always changing. Sometimes it can be many years even a decade or more with little if any change at all.

I have another page dedicated for how this subject began and all the potential problems dates and such as to when to expect these changes you can go to this page by clicking here it contains several video clips explaining this subject each clip is roughly 30 minutes long. These aren’t the only changes effecting the HVAC market in 2023 so I’ll likely save that for another topic all it’s own because I’d rather make things clear rather than potentially confuse you.

If spending hours watching videos isn’t your thing and you live in or near the Katy, Texas area you can call Ray Austin @ 832~475~6895 and schedule a service call to your home. I will come to your home in person. With 29 years in the HVAC industry and 15 years as of February 2023 running my own HVAC company (Austin Air Companie of Katy, Texas) I can find a path forward for you and your family’s comfort problems. I have helped 100’s and 100’s of your neighbors over the years. What ever your plans are I can find a solution for you too. I have video content on my you tube channel that demonstrates what I can do. Interesting stories from 2022 coming soon to my  you tube channel make sure you’re subscribed to my channel so you don’t miss them.

The road forward in HVAC comfort solutions for your home is in my opinion going to get bumpy. I cover why this is so in my Freon Wars 2023 Update in the video embedded below. I spent the better part of a 40 hour work week making this video. It’s that important. I do everything here. So you will only ever get 1 opinion when dealing with Austin Air Companie. This doesn’t mean I will only ever give you one option. I believe an informed home owner is better able to make an informed decision than one that is rushed or gimmicked (tricked) into make a poor choice.

R410a Puron & Freon HFC Phase Down, Equipment Ban & Important Air Conditioning Information Update 2023

If you have older HVAC equipment at your home now it may be in your best interest to replace your equipment now in 2023. Once R410a equipment bans occur in 2025 your choices will be much more difficult. In 2035-2036 the new equipment that is coming will likely enter a new phase out cycle.

If you replace your AC unit in 2023 at a national average life of 15 years you mostly likely will skip the mess that is coming starting in 2025. I know every situation is unique so this isn’t to put you in a box and force you to do something you are not ready for. This is about providing you information and helping you make a wise decision.

An AC repair may be all you need. Once I check your AC system(s) and discuss your home comfort goals with you I can then tailor a solution to your personal situation. That being said, I am here to offer solutions that will work. That is the only definition of a solution I use is that the solution must work and not create new problems. This also isn’t to suggest that all your worries are over. HVAC in a hot climate like Katy, Texas you nor I am ever truly done with HVAC. It’s a mechanical machine that will break again. I am skilled to minimize that as much as possible.

About the Author of this blog / website & videographer:

My name is Ray Austin owner/operator of Austin Air Companie a small HVAC service company that services the Katy, Texas area and some surrounding areas. I write my own blogs, I make my own videos, No investors, no intimidation to tell you like it is. My HVAC career is 29 years long, 15 of which running and operating my own HVAC service company. This isn’t to brag but to illustrate a point that the information you get here will be factual and correct. The internet is a dangerous place of misinformation. This is primarily why I started writing all my own content because knowledge on this subject of HVAC is highly lacking for a hot climate in which I live and service.

If you call me, you will get me. There is no technician roulette wheel to spin here at Austin Air Companie.

Did you know that HVAC is often times a game of cat and mouse? You see early on in my HVAC career I was forced to run calls for free. Because the managers / owners of the company I worked for were into games of tricking people. The advertisements were geared toward making the phone ring (promising free this or that). Then to make those advertisements pay off I was told to sell new systems. You have to do that to pay for those fancy advertisements from the TV. In 2022 advertising costs are even higher not to mention the cost of everything.

The job of HVAC is an important as well as dangerous job that is likely to only get more dangerous due to all the changes that are due in the next few years. It’s more important than ever that who you use to service repair and even replace your HVAC system is someone that you trust. (Even if this doesn’t include me.)

The choice is yours to make. I lay it out for you then you choose what you think is best for you and your situation. If something else happens? Call me again. You will always need a good HVAC repair man, more so now than any other time before.

Thank you for visiting my website I hope the information here helped you make a wise decision. As always I hope your day is comfortable.