How To Calculate Air Conditioning Running Costs

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When your air conditioner is running it creates what is known as operational costs. Due to technology and reducing the strain on the national power grid, air conditioning equipment is becoming more and more energy efficient than even just as few as 5 years ago.

Air Conditioners are replaced on a national average of around 1 time in every 15 years. Because of this your home could be a home that is burning more energy to get comfortable and more or less paying for a new unit without getting one because the money is going toward paying a higher than necessary light bill rather than paying for a new air conditioning system.

As of January 1, 2015 new laws have gone into effect in regards to air conditioning efficiency ratings. The ratings for the southern part of the country have been raised from 13 SEER to 14 SEER as a mandatory efficiency increase by the EPA.

There is real money to be saved in Katy, Texas by upgrading your air conditioning system to a more energy efficient air conditioning system. The SEER ratings mentioned above are minimums. When you watch my video below on how to calculate your AC efficiency you most likely will be surprised by what I pay to cool my own home. The video will direct you to my main website if you wish to go there later for more information you can do so.

How to Calculate Air Conditioning Operational Costs

Realize this is nothing new, except for the new ruling from the EPA in regards to mandatory efficiency increases. Also realize design, installation practices as well as the rated equipment efficiency all play a role in the over all efficiency and cost of running the air conditioning system.

The ac run cost calculation included in video above is best suited for homes with one air conditioning system and regular utility billing. If you have a home with more than one air conditioning system or you are on balanced billing with your utility provider, then I recommend you schedule a service and let me calculate your efficiency for you. This is the best way to make sure the calculation is done properly.

The efficiency ratings and calculations are designed around the Katy, Texas area weather patterns and information taken from DOE (Department of Energy) as to the number of cooling hours and typical air conditioning design attributes. If you don’t live within the Katy, Texas area these calculations will not work for you. (Different design, different climate, different calculations… don’t try to cram a square peg into a round hole… it will not work.) I know this is more a flaw of the search engine because they often dump you outside of areas you should be in.

I have included additional years videos below here so you can see that this is an annual event of mine since roughly 2010 time frame to show people what they can do for better comfort and pay for it by reducing operational running AC costs. Thank you for visiting with me today. Please choose your comfort provider carefully. Service after the sale should always be considered too.

My 2013 Air Conditioning Costs

My 2012 Air Conditioning Costs

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